The Perfect Pendulum golf training aid is considered one of the best putting aids available by teaching and playing professionals for several reasons. Probably the most important is its effectiveness as a means of learning a true pendulum putting stroke. It is designed around the physics of pendulum, which by definition is an object swinging from a fixed point. That fixed point is the end that extends telescopically up to your belly to create a pivot or pendulum point.

The Perfect Pendulum is a Great Putting Aid Because:

  • You can use it with your own putter
  • You do not become dependent on it to replicate the stroke
  • It’s very effective

Don't be fooled by other golf training aids claiming to teach you a pendulum stroke because without the connection point to your belly you get with the Perfect Pendulum you are not assured of making a true pendulum motion. Also, don’t believe the claims of some training aids to develop muscle memory. Your muscles don’t have the capacity to remember, they only do what your brain tells them to do. That’s why braces and rails that force you into a position are not effective after you remove them.

Putting aids with braces or rails lock you in a certain position and make you dependent on the device to replicate a pendulum stroke. Not so with the Perfect Pendulum. And unlike other similarly styled pendulum training aids, the Perfect Pendulum does not need to be repositioned after each putt. The Perfect Pendulum golf training aid allows your body to learn what it’s like to perform a pendulum putting stoke with keys or reminders, not constraints. Buy it today and see for yourself why it is used by Top 100 teachers and playing professionals around the world.

The compact size and free carrying pouch make it easy to take with you whenever you practice or play. Try it risk free today!