The Perfect Pendulum is the best golf chipping aid to bring more consistency to your short game. The Perfect Pendulum is a chipping aid that will help you teach you how to make a proper chipping motion and eliminate one of the most common faults in chipping. You will immediately cut strokes off your score.

Chip like the Pros

Chipping in golf is inevitable because no one hits every green. But a missed green doesn’t have to mean lost strokes if you know the proper chipping technique.

The best chipping tip - don't flip when you chip. The common tendency in chipping for many amateurs is to flip their wrists. They attempt to scoop the ball rather than let the club do its job. Scooping the ball or allowing the wrists to break, more often than not, results in skulled or chili-dipped shots and inconsistency around the green. Consistency in chipping is found in keeping your hands ahead of the ball at impact, just like the pros do. That's where the Perfect Pendulum comes in.

The Perfect Pendulum golf chipping aid will help you chip with:

  • Consistency
  • Accuracy
  • Confidence
  • Control

The Perfect golf chipping aid will teach you to keep your hands ahead of the ball at impact. The end result will be a dramatic improvement in your short game. With the Perfect Pendulum attached and extended to its fullest length, you can immediately see how to make the correct chipping motion regardless of what club you choose. If you try to scoop the ball or if your wrists break down after impact you get instant feedback when the Perfect Pendulum contacts your side.

Buy it today and begin saving strokes around the green with the Perfect Pendulum golf chipping aid.