Founded in 2005, Performance Golf Concepts is a company dedicated to increasing the enjoyment of the game of golf through the development of quality teaching, training and playing aids. The company's flagship product, the Perfect Pendulum golf training aid, was featured in Golfweek Magazine and demonstrated on The Golf Channel.

The Perfect Pendulum golf training aid is being used by playing and teaching professionals around the world and has been sold in more than 35 different countries. Other products are in various stages of development and include a swing speed trainer and a wrist hinge tool for beginners.

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Performance Golf Concepts Advisory Team

Performance Golf Concepts has an advisory team consisting of playing and teaching pros, as well as college coaches and mechanical engineers that provide feedback and testing during the development of products. Their feedback, based on their knowledge and experience in their areas of expertise, is beneficial throughout the research, development and production phases. As a result of their help, you can be assured products from Performance Golf Concepts are thoroughly tried and tested and of the highest quality.