Tiger Woods Putting Stroke - A Perfect Pendulum

Check out these photos of Tiger Woods putting stroke if you’ve ever wondered what a pendulum putting stroke really looks like. First published in the December, 2007 edition of Golf Digest, these photos show the fundamentals of a true pendulum putting stroke.

photo of tiger woods putting stroke

When Tiger Woods is putting at his best, there is no one better. He has the ability to release the putterhead, which allows the ball to roll true and stay on line. As you can see from the photos, the butt end of his putter is pointing at a fixed position in his belly throughout the duration of the stroke, as would happen when using a belly putter or the Perfect Pendulum training aid. That is the secret to making a pendulum putting stroke - a stroke that results in the release of the putterhead through impact.

Check out these photos of the Perfect Pendulum in use and you can see how you are able to execute a true pendulum putting stroke, just like Tiger Woods.

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When Tiger Woods is not putting at his best, like during the 2008 Masters, he holds on to the putterhead and does not release it, as you can see from his comments to the media after the final round. "I kept dragging the blade," Tiger Woods said of his putting. "I wasn't releasing it. I wasn't getting the overspin like I normally do. Out here, if you're not rolling the ball perfectly on line, you're not going to make putts. I had the speed right, I just didn't quite have the line right."

**Tiger Woods does not use the Perfect Pendulum, but if you want to putt like him, you should. Order one today!

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