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order golf training aid for putting and chipping

Lower Your Score!

The Perfect Pendulum Golf Training Aid is simply the best golf training aid available for learning a pendulum putting stroke. It is also the best golf chipping aid to learn the proper chipping motion. This easy-to-use, adjustable extension attaches to any club and can also be used to develop full-swing mechanics.

Your Golf Training Aid For 
  • Confidence - Pendulum putting stroke every time 
  • Control - Save strokes by chipping it closer
  • Consistency - Plane, path, turn and takeaway

The quickest way to lower you score is to improve your putting and chipping and the Perfect Pendulum is the best golf training aid designed to improve both.Perfect Pendulum for putting and chipping 

The compact size and free carrying pouch make it easy to take with you whenever you practice or play. Try it risk free today.



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